Tuesday, April 17, 2012

instagram photos.

do you instagram? i do and i looove it. 
it's phone photos and it is usually of my food.. and shoes? 
but i do capture some great little treasures i otherwise wouldn't..
here are some recents..

Butternut squash and goat cheese pizza

                      a butternut squash pizza, goat cheese and arugula pizza i made for dinner..

Gift from hubby <3 emeralds
a beautiful..made me do cartwheels surprise from hubby... 
i wear them everyday and they make me smile a bit wider than usual..


the girls poolside.. their fav place to be..

 awesome toothbrushes that are made out of recycled yogurt cups.. how AWESOME is that.. we all use them..

my go to moccasins.. hands down.. my fav shoe on the planet.. 
they are awesome.

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greta ott said...

yeah for instagram! Its one of my favorites too!