Friday, April 27, 2012

current obsession.. COLOR.

while putting away my laundry i was simply admiring the color in my closet.. i wear a lot of gray, grey and greige... but i have been trying to pull out the color a bit more..
i also started to organize my closet by sleeve length.. how do you organize yours? by color maybe?
do you use wood hangers, flocked or plastic? i use wood hangers and i think it looks so nice BUT. the flocked hangers are great for making more room! 

 speaking of color.. i am loving this watercolor postcard set..
great project for the girls or just me..

 i love this bright red modern egg shaped bird feeder...what little bird wouldn't want to dine here?
do you hear all the birds chirping these days?
i love spring!

and to wrap it all up.. this dreamy.. i am TOTALLY obsessed!! i think i would be SO unproductive if i owned this deliciousness..
but look at this beauty..
this chair is SPECTACULAR huh?
uhh.. LOVE IT!


happy friday my lovely friends..

1 comment:

angela said...

can you help organize my closet fawn!?! I have NO rhyme or reason with color, sleeve length or even season. Help! ;) My closet also looks like rainbow bright threw up in there. Cheers to color