Thursday, April 26, 2012

mother's day gift guide.

mother's day.. ohhh mother's day..
i love mother's day.
my day usually starts with a "secret" breakfast in bed.. i get to snuggle in my crisp white sheets and listen to the pitter patter of cute feet and whispers of excitement as they help hubby cook for me.. it is awesome...
here was last years breakfast..

  if weather is permitting.. 

a beach day/picnic is my number one choice of things to do with my family..

 one of my favorite things to open.. is a great big book..
gorgeous glossy photos of fashion or beautiful interiors..
anthropologie always has the best selection..

a palm springs getaway is at the top of my list..
my favorite couple/girls getaway hotel is the parker.

The Parker

these charm disks by helen ficalora are my  "everyday.. i do not take them off.. e.v.e.r. piece of jewelry".
i have a c & m..
i love delicate gold jewelry and these would be a great gift for any mom..

you can buy them here

i am really digging this anklet..
i never thought i would go there {again}
but i LOVE it..

and this.

 this bird feeder is so pretty and would be a great gift.. hang it outside the kitchen window and she will have lots of visitors..

polaroid film..
{this is a photo i took of chloe and makena in summer 2009}
it is my favorite ever. there is something special about a one of a kind..
polaroid is art.

i am still on a mission to complete a polaroid wall..

and of course.. of course.. the green light for a spa day is ALWAYS much appreciated..

                      umbrella: katespade 
                            polaroid wall: farmstatic

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