Thursday, February 04, 2010

bye bye bitey..

that's her name for her pacifier.
she lost it.
suddenly, it was gone.
we could not find it anywhere.
we searched high and low. it was nowhere to be found. then it was bedtime.. yikes..
we explained some more that it was lost. she kept saying "it's in my ear, mommy" (damian always does that magic trick where he finds things in her ear). "no baby.. it's lost".
she went to bed without a peep. it has been three days now.
she never cried.
she never harrassed me.
she was so grown up and understanding.
occasionally she asks me to look in her ear and i simply just tell her it's not in her precious little ear.
another milestone.. this one i am in shock over.
it's gone... she is done.
bye bye bitey..

ps-i actually found it just yesterday and put it in her "baby keepsake box"..

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lisad said...

Can I just say how AMAZING you are!!! I haven't read your blogs in a long time so I was catching up on them and you are just such an amazing person Fawn. I am officially INSPIRED!! Thank you. And your girls are soooooooooooo blessed to have you for their mommy. Love you friend!!- Lis