Wednesday, May 05, 2010

i love throwing birthday parties..
little chloe is going to be 3..
i can't image a life without her..
as full of energy and ZING! as she is at times..
always keeping me on my toes, i wouldn't have it any other way..
she is our chloe bird and i love her more than i could ever even try to put into words..
her sweet little hands.. the stomping of her pedicured toes.. the 3 dress changes a day.. her "i love you's"
her annoyance of anything dirty.. even a park swing.. her love of a or any princess movie..
her obsession with milk.. her pink blankee and bunny she carts to bed.. her need to be totally efficient and wear a dress instead of pajamas to bed (that is why, right..ahem..)..

at her pinkest of pink request..
it is going to be a pink party..
me? well to me it is all about the tiniest of details..
i have made some fab pink bunting.. pink tablecloths and i have the pink menu figured out..
17 days to go..
can't wait..
i am sooo
she is sooo excited!

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