Tuesday, May 15, 2012

palm springs

we had an amazing time in palm springs for mother's day.. it was so fabulous.. we swam and swam and even swam at night! when was the last time you did that? i left my camera and shot with my phone.. 
on the way home tiny dancer by elton john came on the radio and we blasted it and sang like dorks.. i had one of those moments when you just sit back and say..yes. life is good..
there is nothing like making memories.. 
and then.
 capturing them with your phone!


  My girls

Extra olives
 always extra olives..
 and i always think of the line in the movie pretty women when the bartender says 
"this ain't a buffet kit"

  Lounge; On the road

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vickichristine said...

i love any quote from pretty woman! oh, bloody marys, i miss you. i recently did the same thing in palm springs and you're right, it was a life is good moment. :)