Tuesday, May 08, 2012

slipping through my fingers..

 chloe rode her razor this morning as we waited for time to pass for school to start..
i sat out front of our house with my hot coffee and watched as she went round and round our cul' de sac..
i don't know what was different today..
something was..
my little girl..
she seemed different..
she is so bubbly and so full of passion everyday but today...
it seemed bigger..
she seemed bigger..
 and it made me sad.
i honestly just hugged her a bit longer this morning..
 i know that i cherish everyday with my girls and i do not think i am letting the "time fly by"..
that is why i keep this blog, so  i can look back and THEY can look back..  
and see their little childhood moments..
chloe is turning 5 in a couple weeks and she is still so little.. i know.. 
i just wish i could freeze her.
freeze them both..
if i had one wish and it couldn't be the "i'd wish for a million wishes" wish..
i would wish to freeze our life..
it is not a perfect life.. not at all.. 
 it is pretty darn amazing..
to me it is.
i love how she runs up to me and yells MOMMY!!!!! every time i pick her up from school..
i love how she randomly gives me a hug while i am doing dishes..
i love how she loves to go thrifting with me and admires all the junk..
i love how she has a WILD imagination..
i love how she loves to read books..
i love that she is {sort} of very loud and quite carefree..
chloe has given me a run for my money in the past..
2 and 3 were the toughest..
a lot of stories and this blog was pretty entertaining.. 
but i have to tell you..
this little girl..
she is wonderful...

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