Sunday, June 07, 2009

$50 for a sore subject..

So here is a little story about a 2 year and her first trip to the movies...
We were soooo excited to go see the movie UP!! Chloe is 2 years old now..
I thought I was totally prepared. We will go AFTER naptime, bring her bitey(her word for pacifier), blankee, we will get a HUGE BUCKET of popcorn and CANDY!! All our bases were covered. SLAM DUNK!! right?!?!?!
uhhh.nooooooooo.... noway jose..
To start off she woke up MAD today.. For no reason just plain and simply.. M.A.D.
She decided she didn't want to nap.
She threw her markers, sippy cup and shoes all on separate occasions and for really no reason at all, she was just MAD.. and all this morning...
WHY did we go anyway??? Well I....! I mean, Makena was just so excited to see the movie, it wasn't fair to take that away from her...right?
SOOOOO.. tickets, stylish 3D glasses, HUGE popcorn, monster soda, 2 boxes of candy and
50 bucks later, we climbed in our seats.
All is great, Chloe is munching away, laughing, smiling..we thought we had it in the bag! Yippee! This is fabulous!
Well, previews!!!!!!! Holly previews!!??! Seriously.. kid movie and I have to watch 20 minutes of previews!?? not to mention ads for bail bonds and other randomness..Time is ticking my friends! Ok- so we made it through previews!
MOVIE STARTS!!! YES! It is smooth sailing for about 25 minutes.. Then Chloe gets ants in her pants and starts creeping up and down off her seat, then... WATER WORKS.. why? I DO NOT KNOW.. Damian takes her outside, she cries mama, I go out with her and that was it! We were noway going back through those theatre doors.
Me- Ok. Movie must be almost over.
Me- "Excuse me Sir, do you have the time?" .. 45 minutes left! What?
Me- crying inside just a little..
Ok- we will walk over to the library across the parking lot, kill 45 minutes by reading books... So we are in the parking lot and she is whining a bit and this couple walks by..
Lady of couple- " ohhh poor little girl? She is tired? It is nap time? It's naptime"
Me- GLARE.....
moving on..
on to the library... Chloe poops (ya, I said POOP!) She poops in her diaper and the way I found out? She walks past a table with a family coloring..
Dad of Family coloring.."whoooosh uh!"
I grab Chloe, walk across parking lot back to car where the diaper supply is and rummage through by huge bag of a purse and AHHHHHH! Damian has the keys!!!!!
Me- now crying a little on the outside..
Ok- Pizza! I will go get her a slice of pizza and sit! We walk over to Pizza place and rummage through my purse for wallet.. can you guess? i bet you can..
damian has my money!!!!!!!!!
ok,ok,ok,ok , breath...
how much longer until this darn movie is over??
we walk back to theatre..
Usher- " 25 minutes"
Me- ohhhh, ummm MAD..
So I get the bitey (don't think I didn't think about sucking on it myself for a brief moment..)and her blankee and I bundled up my tired, poopy diaper, hungry, mad little girl and sat her in my lap on a nearby bench and she fell asleep..
The END..


ali said...

hate to say it, but at least you made it that far. I think I saw the first 5 minutes of the movie and lucy was DONE! I could write a very similar blog post! what were we thinking?

Anonymous said...

Your story is sooo good! You sure have a way with words. I loved it!
Hmmm! I do remember drive ins in my day when you were little. Do you remember the playyard in the front of the movie screen that Dad would take you to b4 the movie started. Well anyway, besides popcorn all over the backseat and some screaming in the car it wasn't all that bad. =)
I Love You!

Fawn said...

thanks mom! that means a lot coming from you! i do remember the playyard..and popcorn all over the seat, have you seen my car?...the newest is chloe now playing in the toilet constantly and dumping the water into the bathtub...
love you!