Tuesday, July 28, 2009

THE dress.

this dress..
ohh this dress..
as you can see from here and here she loves it!
(birthday post was 2 seperate days f.y.i)..
she calls it her "pretty" and as soon as she wakes up she looks for it..
if it is not hanging in her closet, she goes through the dirty clothes basket...
i have now learned to HIDE this dress if it is dirty because the fit she will throw if she sees her loved dress and can not wear it will BRING THIS HOUSE DOWN!!
i am telling you, she LOOOOVVVEEESSS this dress..
i love polka dots as much as the next gal.. but this is getting ridiculous!!

3 signs SHE has a problem..

1. it is becoming very faded and very soft with all the washing it has experienced..
2. damian told her it is getting so ridiculous people are going to start talking..
3. a friend at the ymca today commented on "chloe and her dress"
(yes she was wearing it again today)..

now to get her to admit she has a problem..

1 comment:

ali said...

she's totally going to be a fashion diva like her mommy!