Sunday, July 26, 2009

you scream.. i scream...

so here is the scenario..
it is 7:45 pm and i am tucking my clean, coconut scented, slicked hair, CLEAN, sweet little one's in bed..
we suddenly hear a faint chiming in the far, far distance..
getting closer..and closer..
what is it you ask??
the ice cream man!!!!!!

wait a minute..

really? how many children are at play at 7:45pm?
is this guy really just a man driving a "torture" truck, trying to torture all the parents who are tucking their kids into bed?

i picture him chuckling through the streets "hahahahaha.. you can't have any, nee-ner, nee-ner, nee-ner."

ok, i know not really but mayyyybe?!!

ok, anyways..

we told makena the next morning who has been saving all her $1 bills in her jewelry box for this very moment, that the ice cream man was on his way home. (he really was, did i mention it was 8pm? i wasn't fibbing) and so sweetly she agrees and says we will get an ice cream next time... ( how she is so understanding sometimes REALLY baffles me)
so i gave her a kiss and turned out the lights..

i then closed her door, immediatley swung open the front door, marched outside, flagged down this BLUE torture/ice cream truck..
he spots me, he smiles, he waves, he drives up to me and he turns off his engine...

the conversation..

me- "hi there! i am wondering if you always come by at 8pm because i never hear you this late and no one is on the street and both my girls are in bed?"
ice cream man- "yes, i come by mondays and thursdays at 8pm."
me- "can i make a special request for 6:30pm after dinner, i mean there are multiple children in the street and you will probably sell a lot more of your yummy treats anyway, right??"
ice cream man- "NO."
me-"ok.....??!! (he just doesn't get it) so if we keep the girls up until 8pm next week, you will come by my house?"
ice cream man- "yes"

sooooo.. we promised makena and chloe that we would wait up until 8pm next monday for the BLUE ice cream truck..
fast forward to the next monday around 6ish weare playing soccer in the backyard and suddenly we hear the twinkling sounds of delight chiming through the streets!!!
makena grabs her money, runs skips and gallops all at the same time out front and to our SURPRISE..
it was a DIFFERENT ice cream man!!
now it's my turn "hahahahhaa"
take that 8pm blue ice cream guy..

there is a new man in town!!!!!!!!!!
and his ice cream truck is white and he thinks 6:30pm is a perfect time for summer treats..
i have to say i totally agree..

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