Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"it's your birthday.."

me-"so, where do you want to go for lunch"

really.. I am serious..
we met Damian for lunch and away we went to Costco for an $8 birthday feast.. she was ecstatic!

daddy had a few gifts for her to open on our way..
pizza + pink lemonade= a 5 year old's birthday wish...
who knew??
did you?!

so second request was Baskin Robbins and 3 scoops?!!!!
She finished every last bit of her creation of pink and blue delicious-ness..
that is Blue Raspberry on the bottom
then Pink Bubble Gum in the middle (but.. she doesn't like the actual gum in the ice cream?!)
last on top is cotton Candy..
Blue + Pink + Pink/Blue= 5 year old's birthday bliss
i KNEW..

1 scoop cotton candy + 2 year old= (see below)

sugar filled twirling and dancing and singing paaaaarrrttttyyyy and of course NOT at the table. (Do you see her in the back?)
Let's notice the difference..
5 year old is still sitting, making sure she is slurping and scooping EVERY LAST DRIP of that monster treat...nothing going anywhere but into her mouth.
2 year old is dancing with ice cream ALL OVER her polka dot dress she is OBSESSED with wearing everyday, dripping down her face, puddles on the floor, and as she twirled ice cream would splatter all over the windows.. and floor.
that was our mellow birthday PRE- Party..
ya, i said mellow.. well it is the usual anyway :0)
ps- we do always clean up after ourselves and always TIP when we venture into public!!

Here is our Party in the Park...
she really was afraid she would float away with all these balloons...
i love her look of concern on that little face..
she is classic..

we did a garden theme with construction paper flowers in the pots and a craft table with fruit loop necklaces and rock painting and we made clothespin butterflies that hung from the awnings.
we were busy allll week..

the food was served out of flower pots and picnic baskets and we had silly names like ladybug pie for the pizza and sweet nectar for the drinks..

party favors were small pots with paint and brushes and a packet of seeds that i tagged and named "seeds of wonder.."
the kids loved them..
yes! even the boys!
we had 20 beautiful kids at the party and it was a lot of fun!!!!!

rainbow cake..
don't let it fool you..
there was CHOCOLATE inside!!!!!!

i think she is part kangaroo by the way she just jumped for 3 hours straight..
this is her precious face when she saw the man coming to take away her jumping paradise...
it's crazy how you love your kids more and more everyday and how now after 5 years of loving.. I KNOW tomorrow I will still manage to love her more... how is that possible?!

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ali said...

i love it fawn! every last picture and detail. I too have an affection for Costco and their insanely inexpensive menu! Happy birthday to the big girl!