Thursday, June 25, 2009

how many cupcakes until you are 5?

we had birthday cupcakes last week with ella and amelie at quail botanical gardens..
it was messy and quite the yummy feast..
i made 24 cupcakes..

today we had a birthday celebration at summer school..
(we came back 2 days this week because i am having seperation anxiety..)
i made another 24 cupcakes this time pink on pink, blue sprinkles and "donuts" on top..
can you imagine the parents face tonight at dinner when the wee-one says..
"i had a cupcake with a donut on top at school today"

this is the wonderful Mrs. McCorristin who i wish i could put in my purse and take home with me.
we love her that much... really.
so she reads a book titled "the day you were born"

this is a birthday poster i made from 1-5 years with pictures ...
it too, had to be pink..

there is an adorable little song/skit they do where makena is the earth and picks a friend to be the sun.. she picked chloe but chloe was stacking blocks on the other side of the room...
she picked me!! ;0)
i'll take it!
so the song goes...
"the earth goes round' the sun, the earth goes round the sun'..
"now you are 1.."
"what were you doing at 1?"
she said she was eating and drinking milk..
allll the way to 5..
"what are you doing at 5?"
she said reading and learning to ride her bike without training wheels and it's wobbly..
so that makes 48 cupcakes i have made and we are not even in her birthday month yet...
and it is bikini season..
i want to say a very heart felt thank you to the tankini...
and this last picture i had to post to remind myself to watch my ummmmm "expressions"...
how much does she look like me here???!!?!?!?

Happy Friday!!!

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Diane said...

Oooooh! If expressions could talk! =) I love the last pic with my punkin. How much does she look like you? Well, let's just say I remember getting the looks from you!