Monday, June 01, 2009

we heart the farmer's market..

kumquats hold a very special place in my heart because my grandparents have always had a kumquat tree for as long as i can remember as a wee little girl, i would feast on their yummy fruit tree! what makes it even more special is makena and chloe have now picked kumquats off my grandparents tree and love the little bursts of tartness as much as i did..
and do..

makena bought herself and sissy some blue italian ice and NOBODY would share with ANYBODY!! it was serious, intense, blue everywhere delight..

we had to sit for the italian ice occasion..
yah, i am serious...

i love fresh cut flowers..

i am big on fruit in salads..
blood oranges are surprisingly fabulo-sooo..

and a fresh mint plant to add to our garden...
mmm mojito anyone?? anyone??
ok- i will settle for my mint tea...
last but no way least...
damian picked up some tomatillo salsa that is to diiie for...
its been 1 day and it is 3/4 empty
or 1/4 full, i mean..

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