Friday, June 19, 2009

makena graduated...

i got through it.
i think i composed myself pretty well... (I said, I think..)
i cried here and there at the actual ceremony only because i did most of it at home throughout this whole week.. otherwise i would of been a babbling fool in public for sure....
i know, i know...

getting the diploma, the one picture and it is BLURRY.. (urgh!)

it is only PRESCHOOL but it is a milestone and i have said a million times that i wish to freeze time and today is just a reminder that i do not have

SUPER POWERS... darn. darn. darn!!

it has been an AMAZING 2 years.. i am so thankful for so much..

we are now going to enjoy a fabulous summer..



Lara said...

Why are you the cutest... Lucas is in soccer for the summer and I cried like a baby watching him interact with the Coach and his teammates. I feel you baby and CONGRATULATIONS on Makena's graduation!!! Love you!!

Fawn said...

thanks lara! you too! lucas playing soccer.. that is amazing!! love u!