Tuesday, February 22, 2011

just a little of this..







chloe- "mommy? how long until we can go to the pool?"
me- "5 minutes.."
chloe- "how long after 5 minutes?"
ooops! i do say it more than once.

me- "let's paint your nails!"
makena- "no thank you, it takes too long to dry"
 chloe- "yes, my toes are a mess"

makena wears sneakers.
chloe wears glitter toms.
makena layers with leggings.
chloes layers with a tutu shkirt.
makena is smarter than me already.
chloe is better dressed than me already.
makena loves science and does all kinds of experiments around the house.
chloe colors really well, stays in the lines and everything!
they both love to swim.
they will stay in the pool for hours doing somersaults underwater and diving off the side..
 chloe eats dinos and anything crunchy or sweet.
makena is a candy girl too but will eat just about anything.
{she tried sushi with me on my birthday..
well, i bribed her a dollar and it was just a california roll}
makena is reading this over my shoulder as i write.. reading out loud..
chloe is playing barbies.

just a little of this and that today.

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