Saturday, March 19, 2011


so we can't have a cat because damian is allergic..
he can't have milk because he is allergic..
but sometimes ice cream is ok?
i think he may have us all fooled..
so the night before st. patrick's day..
makena built a trap for the leprechaun..
grass.. peanut butter.. m&m's.. some tape so he would stick..all tucked neatly inside a box colored bright green..
makena goes on about how she wants to catch him and keep him as a pet..
chloe wasn't havin' it..
chloe wanted nothing to do with this little creepy guy....
she said she just doesn't like leprechauns..
as she was getting tucked into bed she tells us with the most serious voice..
"i am allergic to leprechauns"
{we assured her we couldn't keep him even if sissy did indeed catch him}

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