Wednesday, March 09, 2011

bob it.

it's funny because you can get emotional about the funniest things..
well, unexpected things..
i am such a tough gal ya know'..
ya. let's cut her hair..
it is kinda scrappy at the ends..
blah blah blah..
made the appt..
grabbed my camera and we were on our way..
we get there and she is so shy.
she picked raspberry shampoo,..
the hot pink barbie car to sit in..
and a mermaid barbie movie to watch..
then the conversation starts..
how short?
i get teary eyed..
yes. i. did.
these little hairs were on her head when she was a teennyy tiny girl..
now we just chop them off..
like they don't matter anymore?
i babble on and on and ramble in circles and can tell the lady thought i was koo-coo..
ok. ok just bob it.
that is what i came in here for and let's do it..
snip! gasp!
ok. the hard part is over.
she chose a pink lollipop and we were on our way..

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