Tuesday, March 23, 2010

trip to the shoe store

as we browsed through the aisles..
i immediatley grabbed the plastic dora flip flops so chloe wouldn't see them.. scanned for any other hideous selection that would cause a scene if i dare said "NO"..
me-" ok sweetie, pick out some shoes!"
she chose the pink maryjanes with a flower and rhinestone..
and she also chose some pink rhinestones flower flip flops..
she could of kept going believe me.. but we limited it to 2 pairs each.
ok. easy.. she is done..
as i have said a million times..
the girl knows what she wants..

now makena..
not so much.
i have noticed in her old age.. she gets very overwhelmed when having to make a decsion..
we were in a quandry over the black "wizards high tops" or white "tinkerbell" sneakers that light up.. (obviously i didn't see the tinks before she did)
makena-" i just don't know mommy.. i can't decide.. what do YOU think i should pick"
me- "whatever you want.. they are your shoes.."
makena- "ugh! iiii dddoooonnn'tttt kknnoooooowwwww"
me-"ok. the wizards are cool, they are funky, you can wear them with dresses or leggings..
 (fyi she does not like jeans)..
 and they are black so they won't get dirty..

the tinkerbells (struggling to give them a shot what so ever)..
the tinkerbells are white, they light up...
 but they will get dirty.. (ooops! i am suppose to be saying positive things)..
she sat on the floor with her chin cupped in her hands and let out a huge sigh..
"ooook. i will choose the "wizards"
wheww! close one!
she also chose some gold ballet flats over the black patent leather..
thank goodness..

why do i feel like a dodged a bullet?
 the girls should always have a say in what they wear..
i have always let them have "free expression"..
it's good for their self esteem blah blah blah..
i do let them dress themselves and unless it is HIDEOUS..
i go with it.
 for example..
makena wore red plaid leggings with a fushia polka dot dress and her gold ballet flats to school today..
i know..

i do always say..
you can wear anything if you have the right attitude..
and she does.