Thursday, March 11, 2010

we got to fork!

i tell myself as a mom to let it go...
if they make a mess.. it means they are having fun..
let it go...
if it's not perfect who cares??
if they get glue on the table or the crayons are scattered all over the table, floor and ceiling.. who cares..
paper scraps.. you get the picture, right?
i mean really?
does damian really care if the "fork" marks don't look sooo martha-ish

the simple task of pressing the fork into the peanut butter cookies "all by themselves"
might have been the most exciting thing they have ever done 
makena is actually still so excited she still won't stop gibbering about it..

2 dozen peanut butter cookies from scratch i might add.. ahem..
made just last night..
they are already gone..
now i am off to pick up some crayons..
baby steps..


Lara said...

I'm sorry, but in MY eyes, those are EXTREMELY Martha-ish, because they are made with all kinds of love!!
mad love

ali said...

what? you're baking! good grief....does this mean I need to start cooking? Those look perfect!