Wednesday, March 03, 2010

dining room.

i have major A.D.D. when it comes to my house.. i start a project.. then start another.. then another..
then i can't decide on fabrics or buy the wrong something or other or run out of paint.. get frustrated.. then start another project..
this dining room for example has been d.r.a.m.a..
started with the table, love the table.. what chairs.. what chairs??
searched high and low.. not loving anything (in my budget)..
1 day while searching on craigslist, i find 2 more chairs just like this one i already owned..
the stars were aligned..
i drove to pick up my "twins"..
 sprayed them white and now??
ALMOST a set..
you see..
almost is the magic word..
 once i find the long lost #4..
i have to pick out a fabric to upholster my beauties..
you see??
always a project.. or 5?

here they are all lined up..
i love them :)

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