Wednesday, March 03, 2010

you are so sweet

makena has a treasure box at school..
the kids get to "go to the treasure box" when they accomplish something special..
makena went to the treasure box monday because she memorized a poem this weekend..
she chose a pen on a necklace..
she told me there was a snow white book in the treasure box she wanted to get for chloe but could only get one treasure at a time..
i didn't think much of it..
today she comes home with that snow white book in her folder..
me "what is this sweetie"
makena" i got to go to the treasure box today and picked it for chloe, i saw it was still in there and i was watching it and watching it hoping nobody would get it.
when it was my turn, i got it for chloe."

as a mom what makes your heart sing any louder with pride and love when your kids look out for eachother and show such sweet love?

all night chloe read her book over and over and kept saying "sissy.. you are so sweet," gave lots of hugs and let her have all the bath toys..
she slept with her new book under her pillow and gave her sissy a giant kiss goodnight"

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