Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2500 miles away in nyc

this trip was quite an emotional trip..
i won a photography contest through lee jeans and hubby and i were off to new york one week later..
from 2500 miles away it is easy to say no big deal.. i can fly on the 10th year anniversary of 9/11..
from 2500 miles away you can say it will be a nice vacation for hubby and i, we deserve it.
 5am we started our journey to the big apple on separate flights..
i am a bit dramatic, yes.. it's true. i just thought.. why not?

i got my copy of the september issue and my book club read water for elephants and started my journey..
we arrived safe and sound, took a cab to the hotel, sat at the bar and ordered
"2 manhattans"
we were in new york city on our 9 year anniversary!
the city is so fabulous..
we walked everywhere.. and then, we walked everywhere again..
we ate amazing food, there were bursts of color everywhere..
there was so much energy and excitement at every turn...
being in the streets you'd never know it was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 until you hoped in a cab and saw car bomb threats on the little tv's attached to the seats..
you'd never know until you saw the security guards at the train station with machine guns..
you'd never know until you saw 4 cop cars pulling over a van and searching it as the driver says it was the 3rd time today..
all weekend i went in and out of the reality of the devastation of 9/11..
this is a reality that a new yorker lives everyday..
we walked the 9/11 memorial while helicopters flew overhead just after having a peaceful brunch at pastis then walked over the frantically busy brooklyn bridge..
we walked through bergdorff as louboutins flew through the air as women frantically handed over their credit cards..
we ate a hot dog in central park as we nestled each other in the quiet..
we people watched..
and people watched..
we listened to a man on 5th ave frantic on the phone trying to track down a GOLD chanel for his wife just like the one his mom has..
we talked and talked with each other as being parents is so hard to do at times..
we had cocktails on a rooftop bar overlooking the city and the gorgeous empire state building where it really sank in that we were actually really there..
i realized that i am more in love with my husband than ever..
2500 miles away..
when we came home to our clean, quiet house with my sweet girls fast asleep..
i snuck in their room and just hugged them for awhile..
i woke up my oldest to tell her we were home and she looked up and me and says
"look at that little face" as she squeezed my cheek and dozed off..
i had an amazing time and am so honored and happy that i was able to experience every new york second that i did..
and i am extremely happy to be home..
in our home with our girls and my husband..
2500 miles away.

until next time nyc..


Stacy Donovan Zapar said...

Love the manhattan cocktails "cheers" shot... and your great mani! :) Looks like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing these great shots. Beautiful, as always! :)

staceyp said...

Lovely just lovely! Such a great story and just as beautiful photos. Well deserved vaca for the two of you!