Tuesday, March 27, 2012

gorgeous pasta..

beet pesto. 
so a friend of mine lara.. is an amazing cook.. she is full of inspiration.. always doing something new and she just throws it together like it is no big deal..
she forwarded this recipe to me years ago because if you know me, you know..
 i love beets! 
i made this beet pesto one time.
one time and forgot all about it... see my post here.. the other day she brought up the good stuff again.. she had made it and i immediatley craved it.. 
 so i happen to have some beets in my fridge.. so give me a couple days to keep craving it and i finally  made some beet pesto.. don't you love a friend that INSPIRES you? i do..
  and here are the photos i took of the GORGEOUS dish.. 
{i have to add that these photos are straight out of camera.. no photo shopping.. that color is the real deal}
i tossed the beet pesto with whole grain pasta and sprinkled some parm cheese on top.. 
easy and effortless..
you would think my girls would be alll over it.. {especially c..} but..
they won't go near it..
more for me i say..


Lara said...

love you <3

bohemian kate said...

Um, I'm going to have to try this for sure :)

fawn said...

thanks lara.. love you too!! and kate.. when you do PLEASE send me photos! love that!! thanks for reading! xx