Saturday, April 02, 2011

just beet it!

so i looooove beets.
beet salad with goat cheese is my FAVORITE..
i love beets with avocado, onion, and some basalmic vinegrette..
so my uber talented friend lara {she is an amazing cook} texted me the other morning a fabulous beet PESTO she made..
so sweet of her to think of me.
she too LOVES beets..
she forwarded me the recipe from good ol' design sponge..
here it is on pasta..

so i ran to henry's..
bought some beets..
made it and let me tell you...
i now have beet pesto handy in a pretty jar in my fridge...
i also have a stash in my freezer..
look at the color..
i'd wear it as a top, lipstick, blush, nailpolish..
beets are so pretty.

 again.. i copied lara with this combo..
i am a copy cat and i am not afraid to admit it..
i do not have much creativity with food..
this will be a staple for me..
  couscous with beet pesto, orange bell pepper, cucumber, scallions. lemon juice, drizzle of olive oil and dash of sea salt..
i love sea salt too..
ecspecially on dark chocolate..

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