Friday, March 23, 2012

my week..

first off.. i plan on this combo to start off my weekend..

 to sum up my crazy week right now....

did you see that andy and tracey's engagement session was featured on project wedding this week?
i am so honored and again, speechless!
you can check it out here if you are so inclined..
such a big juicy cherry on top to get featured..

i actually got a couple photos of my girls this week..
you see.. this blog used to be allll about them..
all about our silly life..
for 3 years..
well now..
that silly has gotten a bit crazy and i really can't get them to sit still long enough to snap a photo..
And it is odd that big daddy camera comes out anyway.. Well, besides a shoot..
this week though I took that there one up top of makena..

makena is a thinker, a negotiator and a social butterfly..
she loves to be the leader and she is very sensitive..
she is the sweetest of sweet..
her fav food is tuna on a hawaiian roll and loves to gorge on junk food if given the opportunity..
her fav outfit is leggings, a tshirt and her converse high tops..

and this one..

chloe is so full of energy.. she is loud and silly..
she has an imagination like you wouldn't believe..
she thinks her hair really glows like rapunzel's under water and her fav food is pesto..
on anything.
i mean anything.
her favorite thing to wear is cheetah anything and her glitter toms..

love those girlies..

hubby and i are planning a very special vacation..
it is our 10 year anniversary later this year..
i can not imagine topping our 9 year..
remember it here?
and can you believe 10 years?
time flies..
any suggestions of somewhere fabulous?
i would LOVE to hear..

when i lived in europe.. i used to make coffee every morning in my french press and is was delicious.. i savored it and i miss that..
i love my push of a button keurig but there is something about scooping your coffee grounds into a french press and plunging the water just to pour the perfect cup..
it's the little things..
so don't be surprised next time you are over for a coffee date and i serve you a delicious cup of coffee from my new french press..


have a lovely weekend friends..

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