Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hermes cuff.

so this weekend we were all in the car going for a little drive along the coast..
adele is playing on the radio and girls are coloring in the backseat..
{a rare and quiet moment}
we drive past this street in encinitas called hermes..
i turn to damian and say..
"it would be so cool to live on hermes.. i would pronounce it "hermes"
{i say it in my frenchest of french accent}.. 
not HERM-E-ssss.."
he in turn says to me " ya.. then there is this street cuff, we could live on hermes cuff"..
we start cracking up..
i turned and look at him..
in his black ny yankee hat.. a total guys guy.. but who drives a prius, uses reuseable grocery bags but who also plays golf, drinks scotch and reads yahoo finance..
who ALSO.
understands that there IS such a thing as a hermes cuff..
he. is. perfect.
i mean really? hermes cuff?
how dang sweet is that?
underneath my shaded raybans i just gazed at him while he drove..
it was just one of those perfect moments..
hermes cuff.
so brilliant.

{ps- this photo was taken on our honeymoon in kauai, 9 years ago and i love the way i am looking at him}


Stacy Donovan Zapar said...

Another example of your fashion savoir-faire rubbing off on those around you. Looks like I'm not the only one! :)

Well played, D... well played.

Sara Marie said...

I found you via Engaged & Inspired and as a girl born and raised in Encinitas had to start reading your blog! I actually grew up on Hermes (my mom and sis still live there) and my sister, the fashionista, always pronounces it in French. Small world, love this story!

fawn said...

Thanks ladies!! And thanks Sara for finding and reading my blog! I love that you lived there! You are so lucky! :))