Thursday, January 12, 2012

hummus.. sort of?

so we made hummus.. well it's not really "hummus".. there is no tahini in it..but it tasted delish, we gobbled it up and it was E.A.S.Y...
my ears perk up when i hear easy..

here are my ingredients..
a can of garbanzo beans..
a tsp-ish of garlic..
4 tsp-ish of sundried tomatoes..
olive oil swirled and swirled until it made the food processor go around..
and a bit of water..

she thought it needed a TINY bit of salt..
so we added some..
{she is very calculated and always thinking.. i love it}

one at a time.. 
they are quite patient..

then this one decided to take all the seeds out of a red pepper i sliced up earlier..
and decided to plant it in the backyard..
{she loses interest quickly and always has great ideas.. i love it}..


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