Friday, January 27, 2012

friday favorites

my hubby on a swing at the park..
not going to kid here.
i get nauseous on a swing..
but at least i can sit on one a take photos ah-hem.. right?..
really? nauseous on a swing?
{such a dork!}

this little corner of our house..
it is a perfect combination of us.
we could be a young family in their 30's or a couple in their 70's..
records, books and cocktails...

making fresh smoothies at home..
starting with rinsing beautiful strawberries in an adorable green colander..

i love watching the girls sleep..
they are so precious..

beautiful hikes and when the light is dreamy..

and i have found the perfect hair ties..
here is my big messy bun that is my usual fancy hair-do and these hair ties add the perfect bit of fancy to my do..
it's the small things that make me happy..
there will be a great giveaway here on monday!
yes. 3 readers will win a set..
thanks to marlo and her fabulousness..
so see you then..
you have to check these out.. they are amazing!
happy friday!!


75vette said...

Love your "little corner," Fawn! It looks very inviting. Also, happy someone else listens to records :) Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Anonymous said...

I get nauseous on swings, too!!! Fellow dork! And must check out the hair ties, if they can manage my mop, would be a miracle. Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

these are hair ties are intriguing! i have a whole lotta hair and regular ties just don't cut it anymore!
have a great weekend, fawn. :)

ali said...
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