Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i suddenly got the camping bug a few weeks back. i can remember camping when i was little and most people you talk to about camping, have great memories of their childhood and camping. 
before we decided to have kids the one thing i really thought about was i wanted to be young-ish when we started because i wanted to travel and be full of zest for an adventure when the kids are old enough. i suddenly feel. we are there. 
i have traveled a lot, i have lived in europe and i have been all over the world.
i LOVE to travel.
jetting off to the south of france or flying to lake como..
  are not happenin'.. {yet}
we bought a vintage {pretty word for older} pop-up camper and we are embracing the camping adventure..
i am so excited..
{first of all to make her pretty.. re-upholstering the couches pronto}
but more so..
 the places we will go.. 
i am not the "be scared of bears and not showering for days brave camper mrs."..
we have a looong stretch of coastline to discover and lots of fun to be had.
scrabble. hiking. campfires. smores. surfing. a clothesline full of beach towels and bathing suits. and pictures galore.
i'll take it anyday.

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ali said...

wow. every one of those pictures makes me want to take off and go somewhere!

we were just down in your neck of the woods last week (sorry we didn't visit :() and I was dreaming of a San Clemente camping trip!

I can't wait to see the camper improvements!