Thursday, January 05, 2012

different but the same.



they are both so different.. 
but so much the same.
you can even just tell by these photos.. 
they are sisters and i hope they are always close..
they bicker like crazy or love like crazy..
they stick up for each other.
they fall asleep giggling together..
{they choose to share a room although they can be separate}
one is a good eater. one is not..
one likes soccer.. one likes barbies..
one wears red ballet flats.. one wears converse..
both have blonde hair..
one has hazel eyes.. one has blue..
one has lost 8 teeth.. one THINKS she has a wiggly one..
one loves math..both love to color..
one loves pink.. one loves BLUE and pink..
both love spongebob.
both love legos..
these girls stole my heart like i never thought possible.
a mother's love is a pretty fabulous thing.

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