Tuesday, August 18, 2009

special delivery

we have been anxiously waiting for this package!!!
can you guess what it is???

those are caterpillars for our butterfly pavilion!!!!
we are going to watch these caterpillars turn into butterflies!!
once opened,the girls immediately collected leaves and stems and stuffed the butterflies soon to be home...
we are now waiting for these caterpillars to climb to the top of this cup and hang from the lid
(5-10 days)..

we will then transport them to their luxurious new leaf/stem filled home and wait for the cocoons to form..
when they turn to beautiful butterflies, we will RELEASE them to freedom!
we get to actually watch the life cycle of a butterfly!!
chloe calls them "fff-whys-sss"
we will keep you posted on their progress...
and ours..

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