Wednesday, September 02, 2009

wait.. stop...

come back..

so. there she is..
running off to her first day of kindergarten....
(that is her teacher standing right next to the door wearing white)

a letter from her teacher..
i am sure i do not have to tell you i cried like a baby..
sometimes i feel makena and i should switch places.. she is more of the adult a lot of the time..

trottin' along with her backpack, lunchbox and new kicks..
so cute.. i can't look

i will park..
then walk her all the way to class everyday..
and do the same when i pick her up everyday..
i could just drive through this "drop off"..
i want to be with her as long as i can..

seriously... wouldn't you?
ps- i am going to do a post everyday of her outfit for the next week (or so)..
sorry, i can't help it...

1 comment:

Lara said...

Oh Fawny... I feel your pain, sadness, hysteria...! I also cried (like a baby) when I dropped Lucas off for his FIRST DAY OF PRESCHOOL!! (I think I'm crying a little just thinking about it!!) Tell me again why they grow up so freakin fast????
Makena is too cute, man. I love her... and you too!