Friday, December 17, 2010


i had the flu!!!!!!
for 3 days i layed in bed.
oh! it was awful.
then makena got sick.
so makena, chloe and i all layed in bed and damian was our nurse.
i always joke and say.. i wish I could get sick and laaayy in bed all day.
i take it back. all of it.. didn't mean a word of that nonsense.
so. here is to our flu shot every year!!! first one in line...
since i can't or WON'T do a post of us in bed with the flu..
here is one of some vintage teacup candles i made..
not while sick. before that :)
i love them.
they are going to be hard to give away..
but that's when you know it really is a good gift..

i need to trim that wick!

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