Friday, November 04, 2011

a rainy friday

one of my favorite photos for this friday..
how adorable would this be for a christmas card?
i am loving black and white photos lately..
this one is just not nearly as adorable in color..

so today it is rainy and a good day for making some soup..
we are not going to dance class today because c didn't want to wear her clean tutu's..
she apparently only likes and will wear the 2 that are dirty..

on that note.. this is my to do list..
i framed a leftover piece of my headboard fabric and am using it as a white board..
i love it.
the girls do too as you can see from their doodles..
so as for my to do list..
i am blogging now, there is a load of laundry in and i have actually already showered..
not too shabby...

i have sold a few pies and THANK YOU to everyone who donated!! it is a great cause and it is not too late to buy a pie.. the pies are donated by local bakeries.. it is so nice to work with such giving people..
i am honored to be a part of this..
the link to buy is that bright orange ad over here --------->
1 pie is 6 meals donated to a family in need..

how adorable and beautiful is this photo?
it is date night tonight for me and hubby..
maybe i will do a cat eye and messy up do?
probably not..
i am not to savvy with the liquid eyeliner {let's be real}
but i do really love this look..
happy friday..

photo credits #2 101cookbooks 
                       #5 this is glamorous


Torrie said...

I thought I was the only one how adds "shower" to the to-do list! (and it's usually on the bottom too)

Love the frame idea... and on a side note- a little charcoal shadow smudged on top of the liquid makes my poor liquid eyeliner skills disappear :).

Susanna said...

i'm loving your blog...came over from milkfriendly :) you have a lovely family!