Monday, November 07, 2011

lately.. i can't say no to sparkle.

i have seen a few versions of fabulous glitter boots in magazines and on blogs..
i loooove them
i saw this photo and the search began.. only to find..
these here are $890
and these here  are $590

so as stubborn as i am..
i bought a pair of tan suede booties and decided to "make them myself"..
insert eye roll here..
i love love love loved the "pretty suede with perfect wood heel go with anything in my closet looking boot".. i almost don't take the plunge...
i have had the glitter and goodies for a couple weeks..
i went for it..
and i am in love.
here is step by step..

sparkle makes everything better.
don't you think?

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greta ott said...

wow! they look great! I am impressed.

ali said...

that's pretty rad, fawn. you are a true DIYer!

fawn said...

lol! thank you ladies.. xo

Jennifer said...

yes sparkles do make everything better!

Monika M. said...

so this is what you do when you drop off the girls;-)) (you won't believe what an inspiration that is to me;-)) its such a cool idea!!! love it! I may make one in mint;-))