Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hello June & a Give away!

I have had this tiny corner of the world wide web for a couple of years now.
i started it to blog about my girls and our life and plan on making a big fat book out of it..
to eventually gift to my girls of their childhood..
just a picture or 2 a week and a little ramble about it..
this is where my LOVE for photography started..
i began to really love taking photos and blogging..
some family and friends read my blog and commented here and there..
my grandma is my biggest fan of my blog..
she made me promise to always keep it going.. as it is her way of keeping up with us..
fast forward a couple years..
i started photography as a side project..
and sequins and candy was born..
i am still in shock everyday that my little photo biz has been so welcomed and loved..
it is a dream come true..
{not to sound too cheesy mc cheeser pants..}

all you girls.. and guy? 
 keep coming back to read my silly rants, raves, bragging, fashion obsessions and recipes..
i want to thank you thank you thank you..
 i have started to dabble in advertising on the ol' clean up on aisle four..
and i did a little face lift in honor of june!!
and for all of you..
a giveaway too!!
see these gorgeous mini latte bowls?
they are from anthropologie and they are perfect little condiment/ice cream/latte treats carrier ever...
just leave a comment here..
"like" my facebook photog page..
and follow me right here..
kinda sounds like a lot to ask..
i will draw a winner friday..
don't be shy..
your odds are pretty good considering there are not 50 bagillion {nice number} entries!!
if anything else.. you could win the bowls and never come back..
i won't tell!!


Maryam Fortuna said...

I'll be the first! Already love sequins and candy on Facebook and follow clean up on aisle 4. Do you want separate comments or just one??

Linda said...

Ooh the bowls are so cute! Here's hoping:)

fawn said...

since you like me already and follow too..just one comment here is good girlfriend! muah!!:)

Lara said...

Love what you've done with the place!
And you know I love YOU!

sequins and candy said...

Thanks lovey! xoxox!

ali said...

you know i've always loved you! and i'm not ONE bit surprised that you have a following!

fawn said...

Ali!! Thanks Girly! I love you too and thanks for getting me in the blogwagon! :) I willfollow you forever!! :) xo

Nicole said...

LOVE it all!!! Thank you for the fun giveaway! I already liked you and follow you!!! XOXO

Meghan Ashley said...

I love anthro!

Allison Villa said...

I love the new look too!!! Oh.. and I'd follow your talent anywhere!! wink wink! XOXO

Stacy Donovan Zapar said...

So excited to have won the bowls! They are sooo cute! :) :) :)