Saturday, June 04, 2011

30 days of photos..

 So I am starting 30 days straight of photos... Starting with a self portrait no make-up! Yikes! That was actually pretty hard.. I will snap a photo a day and post it.. if you have a great idea for me, email me or leave a comment and I would love to include it in the challenge..I am so excited and would LOVE for you to snap along!

day 16 {turquoise}

day 15 {laundry}

day 14 {backyard fun}

day 13 {breakfast}
yogurt, strawberry puree and oj popsicle


day 12 {under the freeway}
surfing madonna encinitas, california


day 11 {water}

day 10 {ponytail}

day 9 {a flower}

day 8 {post-it}

day 7 {clouds}

Day 6 {can't live without}

day 5 {top drawer}
vintage teacups

 Day 4 {farm}

                                                                       day 3 {bunting}

 Day 2 {dinner}

Day 1 {self portrait, no make-up}


Stacy Donovan Zapar said...

Re: Day 1 with no makeup - Are you serious??? Wish I looked that good WITH makeup... lol! :) #naturalbeauty

Verity said...

Fawn! I am testing my theory:) xxx It was so nice to see you yesterday.

fawn said...

Stacy- you are too kind.. and you look gorgeous all the time!! Verity- It was so great to see you too!I am glad you could leave a comment!:) XO

george said...

go check out the Williams and Sonoma Popsicle monster maker kits!!!if i had money i would buy them and send them to you!

Marissa said...

Visiting from the SDMomfia group! I'm really enjoying your blog - it's so artistic and your photos are gorgeous! I checked out your photography blog as well. What kind of camera do you use? I just got a DSLR a few weeks ago because I was envious of all the pretty pictures on other people's blogs! I'm looking forward to learning how to use it :)

La Jolla Mom said...

Love the photos! I am not nearly as talented. :)

fawn said...

Yes you are!! And thank you!!!! Marissa- I shoot with a canon 5d mark ii!! :) Congrats on your camera! You will gave so much fun!!!!