Thursday, May 02, 2013


summertime is my FAVORITE! i get ants in my pants and i want to travel every second possible.. we book one camp trip a month, palm springs here and there, and little getaways in between. it is the season for backyard bbq's, bonfires, specialty cocktails, cheese plates, family beach time, WEDDINGS!!! and exploring..
summer makes me happy.. 
here are some recent pins of mine..
can you tell i am SO ready??

 i try to do this.. last year was big sur..
we are repeating that this year because we loved it so much..
have you been?
it is a magical place..


 loving this outdoor space.. it is so cozy like a room.. think i could spend hours there...

nothing like a stretch of a highway into a gorgeous sunset.. doesn't this shout california??
love it.

i am totally into one piece swimsuits for this season.. a funky print and some crazy hair.. LOVING it!

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