Wednesday, May 22, 2013

chloe is 6.

little chloe is not so little anymore..
she is 6.
she is the life of every party..
she is a hip hop, coffee grinding dancer..
she is very sensitive..
she loves to wear black leggings..
she cuddles alot..
she is SUPER fast and a "trickster" on her razor scooter..
she rollerskates..
when making a wish in the fountain.. she wishes to be a "ROCKSTAR"..
she loves pesto..
she loves bunnies..
she likes surprises..
she crosses her legs and puts a napkin in her lap at meals..
she likes her room messy..
she is such a happy girl..
she has a lot of trinkets, jewelry, lotions and potions..
she LOVES her family..
she makes my heart swell with love..
she is very excited to be 6..
and surprisingly..
so am i.
6 is going to be rad with this gal.

we surprised her with confetti and balloons... 

and we surprised her with disneyland..

the carousel is her favorite ride.. we went on it 4 times..

as we left the park after 12 hours of disneyland she sighs and says..
"that was seriously.. the best day eveeeeer"....
it was.

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