Friday, January 08, 2010

in a fog

so this morning chloe gets up at 5:30am..
i can give her a sippy cup of milk and she will go back to sleep until 7:30am..
since we moved and we now have stairs, i do not want to break my neck getting that cup of milk when it is still dark outside and nobody in the world is awake yet..
so, i was up at 5:30 and sooo tired.
makena gets up and the girls play, we eat breakfast, i clean a bit and look up..
it is 7:40am
ok.. girls..
get dressed..
 we are going to target..
yes.. wander around target and i can get a starbucks!
great idea!
damian calls me on my cell phone as we are perusing the aisles..
 the girls are devouring their blueberry scones, chattering away and i am sipping my yummy, warm,
soy latte..

hello? hello?
i can't hear you..
i go to take a sip of coffee..

my delicious coffee is pressed to my ear where my cell phone would be if i wanted to actually hear damian's voice..
ya. i am totally serious.
i guess the move, holidays and head cold that will not go away have made me a bit loco.
so...why am i blogging right now?
i need sleep.

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ali said...

i am dying right now! that is SOOO something that I would do!