Monday, September 23, 2013

bridal boudoir photography by sequins and candy photography

bridal photography has always been around.. i can remember friends getting married and making a book for their future husbands and i considered it a bit "brave" for me.. i could never confidently get in front of a camera and take off  "most" of my clothes and to look like those gorgeous victoria secret models? ya right! and what would the photographer think of me? i don't know how to model? where do i look? what do i wear? do i smile or not smile?
 and now.. as a wedding photographer, i have many many clients  requesting a boudoir shoot, it is a HOT trend right now and i absolutely LOVE it! i really feel i have created a chic and classy version of this shoot.. it is something a beautiful and an amazing gift for your husband.. believe me, their faces are PRICELESS when they receive it. you don't have to be a supermodel, super skinny, have hair extensions or be a professional, and believe me, i am not judging you one bit, i encourage you to just rock it, relax and have fun.. i will walk you through it and it will be classy, beautiful and treasured for years to come.

Friday, September 06, 2013

angie and mike - sheraton carlsbad wedding

angie and mike are just cool.. i mean really c.o.o.l.. 
i met them for the first time when i shot their engagement photos on the boardwalk in san diego 
they were so spunky, fun and head over heals in love with each other..
i remember mike wouldn't and COULDN'T take his eyes off angie..
their wedding day was no different..
 he waited for her as she walked down the aisle..
he breathed in and out..
trying to keep it together as his beauty walked towards him..
palm trees swaying and the sun shining..
it was so perfect.
everything was so very heartfelt..
their vows.. i just LOVED their vows.
they had me tearing up..
and cracking up..
i am so honored i was a part of this amazing day..
congratulations you two!!

as a bonus.. check out their ahhh-mazing video captured by 618 studios..
they are so amazing and i drool over their work..
it is THAT great.

mike // angie - sheraton carlsbad from 618 Studios on Vimeo.