Monday, March 30, 2009

Bees and Tigers and Scones.. Ohh MY!!

The bees were out in full force this weekend.....

We watched ALOT of this guy... He is quite amazing and fun to watch and I really think Damian has a man crush for sure... :0)

And I made 3
yes 3
attempts at baking scones...
One recipe I added too much salt and even Chloe had something to say.. "phleghh!!" I think was the word she used.
Second recipe I added too much cream and they were PANCAKES, not scones??
THIRD TIME WAS A CHARM and Blueberry Lemon Scones are now in my BELLY...

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anne said...

I think my dad may have a man crush on Tiger as well, I was at their house watching it and he kept rewinding the DVR every time he had an amzaing hit or put (which is like 99% of the time!). Email me the recipe for the scones please!! I want to try!

ps: your girls are soooo cute! I am going to buy my children (one day) all sorts of costumes and hope they want to go to the grocery store in them! - anne