Friday, March 20, 2009

Best Friends

It was her choice not to go on the Carousel.. Grandma tried different color horses, different size horses and even tried to go ON the same horse with her. She wouldn't have it. She chose to wait with me and watch as Sissy, Grandma, Aunt Lisa and little Aria go round and round. She was happy as can be playing with the gumball machines but she couldn't have one of those either... One thing she does get though is a best friend aka SISSY 24-7 to play with, learn from, look up to, snuggle with, give lots of xoxo's, not share with, and to be adventurous with..... or not!
That my little Chloe, is priceless!

Speaking of best friends....I asked Makena the other day after I picked her up from school what her favorite thing to do is. After words exited mouth, I for sure thought I had opened up a HUGE can of worms...why exactly did I ASK??
Anyway, she replied "Give you hugs and kisses Mommy because your my Best friend!" AWWWW... ya... me!!! I'm her BEST friend!! I can't tell you how special that made me feel. These girls are amazing!

cue my heart melting...NOW!

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