Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"You belong, among the wildflowers..."

These pictures...ohh these pictures....

My friend Ali and I had a playdate planned and randomly she says to me the day before "Hey, How about we throw in a photo shoot?" Of course I jumped at the chance because Ali is AMAZING behind the camera (and just in general, too). So we met in Temecula, fed the ducks, went to Pinkberry, then I followed her in our car through some knarly, curvy dirt roads, hiked through some ITCHY flowers and weeds to these beautiful yellow wildflowers and there we "threw in this photo shoot" and what did we get? Only the most beautiful pictures of my girls....ever!

Thanks Ali! You have brought tears to my eyes again. I know it sounds so dramatic but when your little girls are growing up so fast and you are trying to savor every second.. photos like this are PRECIOUS to say the least.

Email her at you want some of this yumminess!

1 comment:

ali said...

wow. i feel so special. it's easy to photograph such beautiful subjects!

ps....don't you hate how blogger mutes the color? it kills me! kills me, i tell ya!