Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Getting ready for that Bunny..

These are the guys that made it safe and sound..

We had a few cracks, some stained hands and clothes, 2 decent spills and a now partially blue tinted patio floor. I have to give it to Damian though....good call on doing it outside... I wasn't thinking that clearly at 6pm

These are the days... the traditions you make as a family are so special! The kids think the littlest things are so spectacular! Makena didn't stop asking when we were going to dye the eggs and now she won't stop eating them.. kinda yuck, right??

This was Chloe's first time dying eggs.
She was in awww to say the least.. Wait until Easter morning!! Ohh I can't wait!!
Please excuse the dinner on her face, it was a bit chaotic around here...


ali said...

yay. we are doing this tonight. I have a feeling we'll be eating a LOT of deviled eggs and creamed egg on toast for the next couple weeks!

ali said...

ps...i always say that makena looks just like damien, but that picture of her looks a lot like you.

Fawn said...

ali.. what is creamed egg??? i have 3 eggs left... :0)

ali said...

oh...I think it's so yummy. it's like a white sauce with eggs and I love it over toasted & buttered sour dough bread. Look up a recipe online!