Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chloe's birthday extravaganza...

It was quite the celebration and we had A LOT of FUN!!!!!!!
Your little faces were priceless...

We had 2 days straight at the Happiest place on earth...

We were there open to close... we saw it ALL..we even had breakfast with the princesses!

This ride though??? ya PRETTY scary...sorry again sweetheart!

So, we kept it mellow with a few of your favorites on your actual BIRTHDAY DAY...

we met Daddy on his lunch for lemonade and fries...(that is 3 favorites)

sissy fun (that is 4).....

standing up, jumping in the booth and harrassing the lady in the booth sitting next to us..(#5 fav)

Pool.. (#6)

carrot cake cupcakes.. (#7)

..Makena wanted to dress up as a zebra and sing Happy Birthday all by herself to you..

She added in a CHA CHA CHA between each verse ..

a tea party (#8)

a tea party with a ZEBRA for that matter... (#9 for sure)

I think you had a pretty good birthday week..

now you are 2...
I am alright with it now :0)

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