Sunday, July 05, 2009

2 more minutes.

red strawberry salad..

grilled white corn, cherry tomatoes, onion, basil and mint (from my garden) salad.

blue otter pop tongue..

We had a camp out sleep over for our 4th of July celebration with all the kids and all the crazy coming together and it was WONDERFUL!!
LOOOVE Lara in my kitchen..
well, i love her anywhere but we know her kitchen skills are AHHHHH-mazing!

Chris.. the master with the bbq..
he ties these cute corn husk bows around the corn before bbq-ing..
the grill marks on the fish were art..
and he even cleans the grill after..
did i mention he was OUR guest.
shame on me!
no! shame on damian!!!

we had quite the spread of fantastic food, children running wild, beautiful sunshine,
lovely friends and simply just enjoying..

we even made smores...
it didn't pan out for the evening once we realized that fireworks take priority and 9pm is wayyyyy late for chocolate in tots..

soo.. 8am smores in our pj's..

love it.
It is time to retire her Hello Kitty Pj's because she is sprouting like a ??, I don't know the saying exactly but you know what I mean...

mid-riff is never allowed.. E V E R!!

hudson was not sure about the mess of a gooey marshmallow.
i must say.. i can't blame him.. at all.
this boy is the biggest sweetheart and gives Lara about 5 heart attacks a day.
he is the definition of "GO FOR IT"

luke on the other hand, licked the spoon for quite sometime..
seriously.. can you be anymore handsome or GROWN UP!! Stop it NOW!!

late morning as our lovely friends were scrambling to get the kids dressed, brushed, cleaned and OUT OF THE TENT.. Chris overheard Makena telling Luke that everytime your daddy says it's time to go, you have to keep saying...

"just 2 more minutes"
nevermind the fact she thinks she is sooooo smart....
i too wish for another 2 minutes!!
come back my friends, we miss you already!!

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Lara said...

We had soooo much fun! The pictures tell the perfect story of our fun filled chaos! Thanks for a beautiful 4th of July weekend...we wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way! Love you guys!!
Kiss the girls from me and the boys! You know Hudson wants you to give Chloe a big, wet, juicy, LOOOONG one just from him!! :)