Wednesday, July 29, 2009

day 2

i am defeated..
she likes to jump and splash in her puddles of pee..
she has thrown tantrums up the waah-zooooo..
and now I have eaten a whole bowl of m&m's..


ali said...

It's so good to know that somebody else eats when stressed. For me it's always at naptime when I still hear kids screaming on the monitor and I'm sitting at the edge of my seat hoping they'll fall asleep!

Fawn said...

haha. i also eat when i am relaaaxed. :)

Kiki said...

OK, you have no idea who I am, but I LOVE your blog! I am Nikki Walrath's cousin, from Texas. I have a girlfriend who just potty trained her 2 year old little BOY with and it WORKED!!! I have a 16 month old and have already downloaded it so that I could read up on it and get prepared for the upcoming feat! Several people have sworn by this method! Good luck!!!

Fawn said...

ohh my gosh! thank you kiki!! i am headed over there right this second!! you are soo sweet! i am so glad you like the blog, these days are amazing huh??!! :)