Monday, July 13, 2009

our big party..

georgina and hannah's visit was a JAM packed party...

georgina had gifts for the girls every morning to open..
anything from these adorable green gators, to books, to little solar powered cars..
can you be anymore thoughtful??? the girls were looooving it.

day 1..
we hiked torrey pines...

it was gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...
(here is georgina taking it all in)

day 2.
we had a full day at beautiful moonlight beach..

day 3..
the zoo..
almost every animal gave us a show...

hannah's favorite part was the panda..
(here is georgina and hannah on their way)

the polar bear was incredible...
he was playing ball for 15 minutes..

in between all that was tea party, swim party, bbq party, coffee in the a.m. was even a party, we had lots of reading books parties, slumber party, inn-in out party, acai bowl party..
it was just one big party..
thank you for visiting friends...
we loved our party.

1 comment:

ali said...

isn't it so fun having guests?!?

for me it's like a downer when they leave because it's back to just me and the kids. and let's be honest....sometimes that can get a little boring.