Monday, August 03, 2009

loving my library card..

i am really starting to get the hang of this library thing..
the girls and i go, sit at the little tables (yes, even chloe sits!!) pore over tons of books, pick our favorites, check out 1 different book for each day of the week to read, return them all a week later and start all over again..
the girls looove it ..
some books are harder than others to return..
for example, the pinkalicious book above is the cutest book ever..
i think we may have to purchase that one...
I.. (ahh-hem)
i mean..
the girls are obsessed with it!


bettina said...

pinkalicious is an all time fave at the reedy house!!! thats the great thing about matts job...a lot of books for free!!! there's a purpalicious too..but the pink one is cuter!!!The library rocks huh??? we go twice a week,the kids just love it!! we rent dvd's too!!!

Nicole B said...

We absolutely love pinkalicious! By far the favorite book over here ! Kaylee brings it to school to read and if she leaves it oh we have to go back and get it!! It is the only bedtime story they want to read:) Now everything really has to be pink over here! Love the blog! XOXO